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We are a group of professionals specialising in luxury products. We are passionate about delivering a personalised and exclusive service to make the dreams of our clients come true.

We offer an exclusive boutique service, where discretion, trust and savoir faire are our guiding principles.

Existing clients trust us for:

- Searching and purchasing luxury products (bags, shoes, watches, clothes, jewellery).

- Finding Limited Edition and sought after items.

- Buying art from special painters and photographers.

- Helping our collectors with their acquisitions.

- Providing Shopping advice for special gifts.

How do we work?

- Send us an email or call for a confidential discusión.

- Let us know the “must have” item you have in mind.

- We will immediately start the search for you.

- As soon as we find what you are looking for we will send you an email detailing the cost and delivery schedule.

- On acceptance, you make the order, and will receive your “must have” in your home or office.

For special orders such as high value paintings or jewelry we  usually meet our clients in person and arrange the purchase and delivery personally for security reasons.

Trust is priceless: it is the key of our day to day work.